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Our Story - Vanilla Sands - Designer Raquel Hertz

Raquel Hertz

Vanilla Sands is a new mother/daughter team constructing elegantly designed garments to recreate the best parts of a woman. Give her what she wants to love...

Vanilla Sands is an Australian label designed and manufactured in Sydney. Our elegantly designed collections will satisfy your wardrobe, giving you inspiration for casual day wear that can be transformed into a chic little number for an evening out.

Our clothes aren't designed for any certain age group. We cater to the young, aspiring fashionistas as well as the woman who just wants to feel beautiful. By pairing our garments with the one off designer jewellery you will leave feeling elegantly envigorated.

So, the story begins….

Once upon a time, there was a little girl with a vast dream to fill the world with beautiful clothes. A dream that she has had, ever since she can remember. One bright, sunny day, she was sitting in the park, looking at the sky with an immense smile on her face. A little old lady approached her and asked what she was so happy about. Her response was “I was just looking at the sky, imagining it was made of silk and if I jump high enough, could I touch it?” The lady was a little confused by this reply and continued to ask “why are you imagining that the sky is made of silk?’. Now, to the girl’s dismay, she didn’t understand the ladies question. “Why not?” the girl replied. The world, as seen through the girls eyes was magic….full of colour, texture, a feeling of love that fabric gave her as it enveloped her body. The lady sat down beside her, as they both lay down on the grass, staring at the sky, the little girl explained to the old lady, how she viewed the world full of beauty and elegance. The lady smiled at the little girl and told her that anything was possible if you just believe. Everything about this dream inspired her to make it come true. The little girl sat up and knew that she wanted to create this world that she saw, for everyone to see. She didn’t think it was fair that it was for her eyes only….

And so, her path began…to turn her vision into reality.

As the little girl grew up, she worked very hard on making her dream come true. Her teachers were very knowledgeable and gave her all the help they could, knowing that the outcome of this vision was going to be spectacular. Unfortunately there is always a villain in a story like this. There happened to be one individual that didn’t have much faith in the girl’s vision. She was told that she was foolish and dim-witted. That individual was not afraid to hold back with these comments and this seemed to diminish the girl’s faith in herself.

One day, after having a not so productive discussion with this individual, the girl was found crying on a bench alongside the lake by a very caring woman. The woman sat down beside her and asked why she was crying. The girl was a bit hesitant to explain what had happened as she felt slightly nonsensical and ashamed of the situation. The woman insisted and placed her arm around the girl to comfort her. The girl sat up and looked at the woman. She looked remarkably familiar but the girl could not determine where she had seen her. The woman handed the girl a tissue and told her that if there were any problems, she could always go to her for some advice. Still trying to remember why she recognized the woman, the girl asked ‘if you had a dream and that dream was slowly moving further and further away because someone doesn’t believe you can make it come true, what would you do?’ The woman looked puzzled and concerned but with a big smile said ‘No one can destroy your dreams. Jealousy comes in many forms and in this case it’s as a cutting remark about how talented you are. No one can see what you see in your vision and if you believe in yourself no one can take that from you. For every one person that is going to put you down, there are three people that will be there to pick you back up.’ After the woman said this, the girl started to smile and think about who those three people would be.

The first would be the little old lady that sat with her that day in the park and told her she could do anything if she just believed. The second of course was this woman sitting beside her now, giving her the strength to ignore the people that put you down and to continue pursuing her dream. The third would definitely be her mother. Out of all the people in the girls life, her mother has stood by her through everything and wanted the girls vision to come true more than anything. She knew that the girl’s vision would make a difference in the world of fashion and wanted to help her every inch of the way. Her mother was truly an inspirational woman, with all the love that she has ever given to the girl, and that in itself is magic. So, now with these people to carry her through her struggles, she knew she could conquer anything. ‘Back to work’ she thought. And back to work, she did……

It took her a while to get the strength to believe in herself and after a few years of travelling the world. Meeting new people, experiencing life, she finally did.

In all that time, she never could recall how she new the woman that helped her that day by the lake…it was insignificant and all she needed to know was that the woman was at the right place, at the right time and the girl thanked her gratefully for that.

And so this story brings us to today. The little girl with big dreams has grown into a young woman with the desire to share her vision with the world. Starting small but without a doubt……ending BIG!

                 Raquel Hertz xox

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