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Fight or Flight

To illustrate the idea and inspiration for this collection, a story has to be told.

As the sun began to fade, so did her confidence in the man she once loved.  Sitting on the luxuriously cushioned window sill, looking out onto the lush green grass, she was reminded of the day they first met.  Mia recalled the briskness of the particularly sunny September morning in NYC, and as she reminisced, the feelings she felt from that day came flooding back.  In the romantic setting that is Central Park, she felt free and liberated….and yes, it was a perfect day to fall in love.  As she looked down into her lap, Mia became aware she was wearing the same beautiful blue dress she wore that day; the day he had saved her.  She was smiling and daydreaming and did not see the fountain she was about to fall into.  The next minute she knew, she was in his arms, looking into his perfect brown eyes.  Ahhh, Hayden Matheson…the love of her life, or so she thought.

In the penthouse suite, Madison was sitting at her vanity, admiring her flawless complexion in the mirror.  Her big, smokey, brown eyes, her lusciously, pouty lips, her silky, auburn hair; how perfect she was, she thought to herself.  Now, believing she was the rightful heiress of the Delgado name, she realised it had been a year since her parent’s death and tonight was their honorary annual gala. Mr and Mrs Delgado empowered many, by showing people that with fame and fortune, should come strength and humility.  Mia was very much like her parents in that way.  On the other hand, Madison, the child that kept wanting more, did not possess the values and morals of the Delgado family.

Madison, with all her confidence and self assurance, entered the beautifully decorated ballroom like the queen bee she knew she was.  Sheer black lace had been draped from the crystal chandeliers , while black and white masterpieces adorned every table.  Dim lighting and lightly frosted glasses gave an aura of fantasy to Madison’s heavily seductive scheme.  Mia floated behind her as if she were a shadow trying to be concealed from the rest of society.  It was to everyone’s dismay that Mia felt this way.  The elite knew that one day, her courage and sophistication would be brought out and she would do justice to the Delgado name.

Mia was having a wonderful evening, until the clock struck midnight and at that very moment she saw them, Hayden’s lips, all over hers while his hand gradually found its way to her thigh.  Mia felt as though she had been stabbed…right in the heart.  As time crumbled, Mia watched her sister take the one thing that gave her happiness.  Madison looked over and saw her watching through the slight opening in the doorway.  She gave Mia a glance that screamed victory.  Mia ran back towards the ballroom while Hayden called out for her to stop.  He finally caught up with her as she flew out the main entrance and headed down to the lake.  ‘Mia, I can explain’.  With tears in her eyes she turned and spoke softly ‘You don’t have to, I understand, you were just using me to get to her’.  She kissed him on the cheek and walked away. Hayden let her go, knowing he could do no more. He knew he was doing the right thing by being with Madison.  Keeping Mia’s fortune safe and preserving the Delgado name was his priority.  

‘Hayden!’ Alexia cried out.  Hayden’s darling but pretentious older sister had the same egotistical mind set as Madison.  Fame, fortune and power were her three best friends.  She was a gem of a human being but her so called loving attitude was directed mainly at herself and her like minded minions.  ‘You’re doing the right thing, dear brother’, trying to appeal to his softer, loving nature. Alexia’s intentions are of a somewhat different manner, as power, fortune and the Delgado name is something she very much wants to acquire.
Madison, being the woman that has everything but is appreciative of nothing, took the one element her own sister cherished…love.  Fame and money didn’t mean anything to Mia but she believed love was all the power she needed to be happy.  Mia remembered the look of disgust and resentment on her older sister’s face when she told her she was in love, particularly, whom she was in love with. Madison had gone to a lot of effort to make sure she gained the power she so desperately craved. She knew that as long as Mia was around she would have to share in the family fortune, and Madison could not let that happen.  She would finally achieve what she had been wanting for many years and give the Delgado name a new image, her image.

Two years have past since that horrifying night and she wondered if life would ever be the same again.  Mia had been living in a time she knew now, was never going to be a reality.  On a day, very much like that brisk September morning when she first met Hayden, something finally awoke in Mia. A strength she hadn’t felt since her parent’s passing, was now encompassing her very being.  No longer was she going to allow people to administer her thoughts and feelings by making her feel inadequate.  Well, today is the day, all that comes to an end.  Today is the beginning…the beginning of a power and courage no one had ever seen in her before, Mia’s day of reckoning.

You may be wondering what happened?  What sparked this final determination to take back what is rightfully hers?  Some say that the power of the mind is something of a mystery but I say it isn’t.  You can will anything you want into existence even if you have been brought up knowing nothing else. You can change this.  You can be whoever you want, as long as you want it bad enough.  People will always have a reason to hurt you but it’s how you react, that makes you who you are.

As this story is told…ask yourself this.  Would you fight for what is rightfully yours or would you let the dominant people in your life hold your fate in their hands.  It’s a matter of trust…would you really trust someone else with your life?

Thank you to everyone who worked on this photoshoot and gave generously of their time.

Madison (Bella)
Mia        (Claire)
Hayden  (Parker)
Alexia    (Darcy)
Photographer - Ben

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